Homeowner Committees

Dear Neighbors,
As announced at our recent annual meeting, we would like formulate three new committees as part of your HOA. These would be the Welcoming Committee, the Grounds Committee and the Landscaping Committee.
It is envisioned that the Welcoming Committee will coordinate with realtors for buyers and sellers and put together a welcome package for new homeowners that will include covenants and bylaws, as well as handy information about the local community.
It is envisioned that the Landscaping Committee will assist with maintaining the entry way to the neighborhood along Newton, as well as any future landscaping projects (none projected at this time).
It is envisioned that the Grounds Committee will put together teams of volunteers to more regularly attend to trash and debris that ends up in/on/around the common areas.
Please email the APHOA Board if you would like a role with one of these committees.
Thank you,
Ashland Park Homeowners Association Board