Erosion Control Work on Ashland Park Retention Pond

Work on controlling the erosion of the shores of the retention pond on the west side of Ashland Park has commenced and will be ongoing for most of the summer. Here are the areas that are in progress:

  1. The large culvert that traverses under North Prospect and drains into the west shore of the Ashland Park Retention Pond is in the process of remediation to eliminate the erosion of the earth between the North Prospect right-of-way and the APHOA property on the west shore. The APHOA Board and Landscape Committee have been working with the City of Champaign Public Works Department to grade the ground and apply grouted riprap, which is crushed rock that has been locked into place with cement. Had we not gotten the City of Champaign to pay for the work as part of their 2017 maintenance budget, the APHOA would have incurred thousands of dollars to pay for the part of the new drainage on the APHOA common property.
  2. Bids have been received on reinforcing the large black culvert on the east side of the pond, which will require over 10 tons of rock and other materials to cover and abate the erosion there. That area will be cordoned off after the repair and it should not be walked or stepped on until further notice (at least a year). We are analyzing the bids and expect a contract to be signed before the end of July, the work to commence almost immediately after that.
  3. Due to individuals fishing from the large concrete culvert on the south side of Newton Drive, parts of the culvert face have been pulling away from the culvert and could threaten the integrity of both the pond and the entrance to Ashland Park. A construction fence has been erected and signs will be installed until further analysis can be done by the APHOA Landscape Committee as how best to mitigate the problem and control cost to the APHOA members. Please avoid any areas that are cordoned off, fenced, or signed. The ground near the culvert on Newton has been eroding from heavy rains, followed by extremely dry periods. The foot traffic in that area has decreased grasses and other vegetation necessary to reinforce the earth. The Landscape Committee has been working on various options and a solution should be forthcoming in a few weeks

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Ashland Park Retention Pond and Main Entrance

You may notice some wooden stakes with red or green streamers on the banks of the retention pond on the west side of Ashland Park. The Ashland Park Landscape Committee and its contractors are working with the City of Champaign Public Works Department to mitigate erosion of the pond banks. Heavy rains and runoff from streets and yards often fill the pond to its capacity and there has been significant erosion of the banks. The City of Champaign has agreed to repair the west side of the pond (where the large culverts go under North Prospect Avenue) and the Public Works Department is consulting with the Ashland Park HOA to enact plant-based, ecologically sound, erosion abatement, in other areas. Part of that effort has changed the way the banks of the retention pond are mowed. At the water’s edge and 10-15 feet outside it, small trees, shrubs, long-rooted grasses will be added and existing plants will be allowed to mature in order to reinforce the banks of the pond.

All of this work is being done to avoid the necessity of dredging the retention pond for as long as possible. Dredging is a very expensive effort for the Ashland Park HOA and we’d like to avoid it, since the membership would bear the entire cost. Please bear with us as we improve both the functionality and appearance of the retention pond and as we install new flowers and grasses at the entrance and perform maintenance there and in the detention basin (north of Newton Drive, just east of Prospect Avenue).

Clean up the Pond Day

On Saturday, May 13th, in co-operation with the City of Champaign Neighborhood Services Department and volunteers from Ashland Park, there will be a clean up the pond activity. The City of Champaign will provide tools, collection bags, and other equipment and supplies to the volunteers. A well-maintained common area in Ashland Park will add to the value of every homeowner’s property. The Prospect Avenue common area, including the retention pond, Newton Drive entrance, and the detention basin help create the first impression of any house in Ashland Park.


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